Does modding Steam games disable achievements?

Modding is one of the most significant benefits of gaming on PC; it allows you to take the games you love and introduce new elements or make massive changes to them. If you want to mod games, it can help with game performance, fix some game issues, or access new content.

If you decide to mod your Steam games, you should know that some games might disable your ability to unlock achievements. However, most games on Steam no longer halt your achievement progress and will allow you to earn them while playing with mods.

Method – How to install mods on Steam Workshop

  • Open Steam.
  • Mouse over “Library.”
  • Click “Workshop.”
  • Find or search for the game you want to modify.
  • Search for mods you want.
  • After finding a mod, click “Subscribe.”
  • Reopen the game.

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Does modding Steam games disable achievements

The ability to mod games is one of the best and most exciting benefits of playing Steam games on PC. While console gaming typically doesn’t allow you to mod games, the modding you can do on games like Skyrim Special Edition or Fallout 4 will stop you from earning achievements. The majority of PC gaming does allow you to keep earning achievements while still using mods. However, there is always the chance that certain publishers or developers could disable achievements while you use mods; however, there is much less risk of this happening in modern times.

What are the benefits of modding Steam games

Game modding is a positive feature that helps bring communities together and allows talented individuals to create content for their favorite video games. Modding games allow creators to add new content and breathe new life into games that haven’t seen any love for years. There are significantly more benefits than drawbacks to modding games, as unless your gaming platform doesn’t allow them, they only offer good things.

Some games have built huge communities over game mods, some of the most famous being Skyrim and Minecraft modding. Some of the most played and well-known PC games have started as mods for other popular games at the time, and the most famous of these is arguably League of Legends. While arguably still the most prominent game played on the market, League of Legends started life as a mod based on the original DOTA (Defense of the Ancients), which itself was a mod of Warcraft 3. Another benefit to modding is that modding can help some people get into a career as some developers may hire after seeing what they are capable of.

What are the drawbacks of modding Steam games

There are much fewer negatives in game modding, and most of them are only negatives depending on your hardware or how far you go with your enjoyment. The main downside to modding your PC games would depend big/demanding the mod is because it can cause problems for your game if your device cannot handle the mod.

Additionally, if you spend too much time modding the game too far, it can make it too easy. Doing this can make you lose interest in the game and not want to play it again. The other major thing is if you install too many mods, there is a chance that many won’t work together unless it is stated they can or are needed by the other.

Where to find mods for Steam games

There are several sources that PC players can use to find mods. This article will cover some of them and talk about their benefits and what they offer. If you want to mod the games you like, you should look for mod sites that host mods for your game, as not all sites will. While a few mod sources supply PC gaming mods for a wide variety of games, there are some smaller mod sites that only house mods for specific games or franchises. I will list some of these mod sources below, a screenshot of the site, and what they can offer you.

Nexus Mods

When installing mods for PC games, Nexus Mods is probably the first name you think of; they are typically the go-to place for modding popular games, such as Skyrim and Fallout. Nexus contains mod files for over 1700 games that can be modded in different ways. While they offer mods for older games, there is support for more recent games like Cyberpunk 2077. Nexus Mods is likely the largest mod source on the platform other than Steam, containing additional content for over 1700 games. While downloading mods of Nexus is free, there is a premium membership that can uncap the download speeds of files and remove advertising.

World of Mods

While World of Mods has much fewer game choices, they offer mods for games like Euro Truck Simulator, Farming Simulator, Beam NG, Red Dead Redemption 2, Minecraft, etc. This site contains different mods depending on the game, such as adding new items or vehicles to your games.


CurseForge is another gaming mod platform that offers mod support for games such as World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, Kerbal Space Program, and, most popularly, Minecraft. One of the best features of CurseForge is the option to search for mods for specific games and download them onto the launcher. This allows you to launch games with mods or mod packs with ease. Another good feature of CurseForge is its simplicity and the option to launch games of your choice on it. CurseForge also supports its mod creators, unlike most sites.


Moddb is one of the older modding sites and is host to mods for old and new games. However, there is a significant focus on older classic game modding for games like Half Life, Portal, Command and Conquer, Doom, Wolfenstein, Star Wars Galaxy at War, etc.

Steam Workshop

Steam also has a hand in modding by allowing creators to upload content for their games by uploading them onto the Steam workshop. This is where any community-made mod content goes, and you can search for these by opening Steam and pressing workshop under community. You can search for game content from the workshop menu by searching through the list of games or by using the search bar.

The best thing about downloading Steam mods from the workshop is how straightforward the process is. The only thing you need to do is find the content you want, in this example, I want to find a Star Wars mod for Garry’s Mod, so I search “Lightsaber” after searching Garry’s Mod as the game. After finding a mod you want, you only need to click “Subscribe” to download it to your game. To access the content, close and reopen the game, and the content will be there.

You can filter games on your library to see which games have workshop compatibility by going to the library and pressing the filter option, then clicking “Workshop” to see all games that can install workshop mods. Some of the most popular games to use this feature are Valve-created games like Half Life, Left 4 Dead, and Garry’s Mod, as they use an engine that can be easily edited.


While most games will be fine, it may be better to play through them once or enough to start modding them. Most PC games will continue to earn achievements while using mods, but you should be careful as some developers and publishers may not like that as there is the potential of being banned; this can happen if you use mods on a multiplayer game.

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