How to stop Steam constantly asking me to sign in

One of Steam’s most annoying issues you can face is the app not saving your account details when trying to sign in. This can happen for a few reasons, from not choosing the option to save your password and signing in without it to clearing your Steam cache and removing the preference.

This guide will cover several things you can do to help Steam remember to save your account details; these methods should work on Mac and Windows, as there shouldn’t be a difference in functionality.

Toggle the option for remembering your password

  • Open Steam on your computer
  • Input your details
  • Click “remember my password.”
  • Then hit “Login.”
  • After signing in, check your account details have been saved by signing out


  • Open Steam
  • Sign in
  • Click “Steam” in the top left corner
  • Then click “Settings.
  • On “Account,” find the “Don’t save account credentials on this computer” option and make sure it is unchecked. This should keep any saved credentials on your device.

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Things that you can do to help with your account

For this guide, I have found several things you can try to make Steam remember your password and other solutions related to the function. I will cover methods from setting one of the options for remembering the password to changing your password to clearing the download cache.

Choose the remember me option

The first and easiest way to make Steam remember your account password and stop it from asking you to sign in every time you load Steam up is by checking the box called “Remember my password” when the sign-in window opens. There are two ways to do this, and both are straightforward; I have created a guide for both of them.

  • To start, open Steam.
  • After Steam tries to load, if the app hasn’t saved your password or doesn’t log you in automatically, it will ask you to sign in again. Here you can see the option underneath the password, which can be toggled called “Remember my password.” This method can be easily missed as many people would just sign in to their account, so they will type their details and quickly press “Login” and then only notice the “remember my password” box after they have signed in.

This method should help users have their passwords stay on the system allowing Steam to start without signing in. This should be the primary way that users have their account stay on; however, there is another way in the settings. You can use a toggle to make Steam remember your password when trying to sign in; I have created another short guide below to show where you can find this option after signing in.

  • Open Steam
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  • Sign in with your account
  • Go to “Settings” in the top left corner
  • After clicking “Account” on “Settings,” look for the “Don’t save account credentials on this computer.” If you want Steam to remember your account details on your device, make sure this tick box is cleared; if the option is ticked, then it will not save your account on your computer when you try to load Steam on a boot-up.

Sign out and sign back in

Another thing that may help fix Steam not remembering your details could be signing out and signing back in— this could work, especially after changing some of the options in some of the other steps. It will allow any changes you have made time to update and signing out will let you refresh the system. The guide for doing this is short and will work for both Mac and Windows.

  • Have Steam open and be already signed in.
  • Go to the top right of Steam and click on your profile.
  • Click on “Log out of account.”
  • You will then need to re-enter your Steam account details, and if you have chosen the options for it to remember your account, then it should remember this choice and allow it to open normally when you open Steam.

After clicking on the “remember my password” option when you sign in to Steam again, it should remember your details. Whenever you turn your PC on now, as long as you have the auto-start Steam option on, it should load without asking for your sign-in details.

Clear the download Cache

Another method that may fix some Steam issues could be clearing the download cache; this only affects things that are being downloaded and won’t affect anything already installed. It may help fix some minor problems with your account, as sometimes, if something goes wrong with a download, clearing the download cache could help free your account as some of the data could be affected. This method is also straightforward, and it involves going into the settings of Steam; If you do clear the cache, you will need to sign back into your account.

  • Open Steam
  • Go to the top left and click Steam.
  • Click “Settings” to open a new window containing lists of settings options.
  • In this window, click on “Downloads” on the left settings list.
  • At the bottom of the “Downloads” section, click on “Clear Download Cache.”

It will then tell you that clearing the cache will sign you out, and you will need to input your details again.

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Reset your password

If you are still having issues with your account, it may be beneficial for you to reset your password as this could refresh the system, and if you then choose the remember password option, then it should keep that password saved. I have created another short guide for how to reset your password below.

  • Launch Steam
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  • Sign in
  • Go to the top left corner and click “Steam.”
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  • Then choose “Settings.”
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  • On account, click “Change Password.”

Steam will then ask you for a way to verify you, and it will ask where to send this verification, like an email or phone number; by following this, you can then choose what your new password will be, then you can sign back on your account again.

Change your Steam Guard security options

The final solution I will cover will involve the Steam Guard security options.

  • Open Steam
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  • After signing in, go to the top right, click on your account, then click “Account Details.”
  • On this new window, go to “Account details.”
  • On this page, go to the “Account Security” section and click “Manage Steam Guard.”
  • Here, you can choose one of the available security options, either getting a code through the Steam app or email.

Using one of these will be helpful as it can help prevent an issue with your account details if someone has tried to sign onto your account or if you think someone is trying to. This would prevent you from having your password saved, and it would ask you to sign in every time.


Although having Steam remember your password should be straightforward, and most people shouldn’t have any issues, some people have issues with Steam asking you to sign in consistently. There are a few things you could try to stop this from occurring, from clicking the remember my password option when signing in; to restarting Steam to clearing the download cache, as this makes you sign out and will refresh the system. There are a few other things that you can try that may affect Steam and fix the issue; these include uninstalling and reinstalling Steam, checking for updates, and disabling a VPN if you have one installed, as this could be causing some disruption with your location. At least one of these solutions should fix the issue as there isn’t much behind Steam remembering your details if you choose the correct options.

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