How to change your Steam region

You might want to change the region on your Steam account for a few reasons, from getting around country restrictions to needing to because you have traveled. The process is straightforward but involves using a VPN unless you have physically moved.

While there isn’t an option to change the region specifically, as it isn’t a function that Steam wants to be abused – there is one way to change your region on Steam. This article will cover how to do this by using a VPN and some tips about the process.

How to change your Steam region

  • Use a VPN and choose a country
  • Open Steam
  • Add something to the cart
  • Click preferred region
  • Choose a country
  • Use a payment method from that country

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Why would you want to change your Steam region

You might consider changing your Steam region because some games are restricted or unavailable in some countries, or their price varies significantly in one country compared to yours. Some regions also have very restrictive laws concerning censorship which can stop some users from being able to use Steam entirely.

Using a VPN to update your preferred country settings and a payment option from the country you want to choose allows you to get around this issue. Another reason to change your Steam region would be if you decided to move or go abroad for an extended time.

Things to take note of when changing the region

It may sound like a straightforward process that can be done by pressing a button, but before attempting it, there are some things to know. I have created a list of relevant information before, during, and after the change.

  • You can update your Store country and currency once every three months. Valve doesn’t want users to change the location that many times in a short time frame because it stops people from exploiting ways to find the best deals and cheaper games, as it could result in a loss for them.
  • You will need a billing address from the region you want to change to. Unless you already have the address and postcode or have friends in another country that would give you theirs, you won’t be able to buy anything.
  • You will need a payment card from the country you want to change to – an example of this is if you swap to Italy, you will need to use an Italian payment card or another method. You need to use a card from the same region because of the difference in prices of games between countries. If you don’t do this, there is a good chance that your account will be banned.
  • If you choose to use a VPN with Steam, ensure that the provider has servers for the countries you want.
  • Steam is a gaming platform owned by Valve, a US company that distributes worldwide, except for a few countries that they cannot work in because of their laws. These countries are Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Syria, and Sudan.

How to change your Steam region

There is only one way to change the Steam country on your account, and it involves using a VPN. You need to find an item and put it in your cart, and from there, you can change the country from the checkout. Steam states that if you have moved to another country or are staying abroad for a while, you can update your Steam country by finishing a payment with a card from the country you want. Also, if the location is different from your current Steam store country, there will be the option to update the region as you view your cart or complete the purchase.

The first thing you need to do is to either have a VPN or be in another country to have your location show up somewhere else. There are many VPNs out there, and while most have a paid subscription, some are free. The problem with these is that they often have fewer features, and some free ones have been known to sell your data. Many people tend to use “freemium” choices as they have good options and a way to upgrade to a premium plan. A good recommendation for a paid VPN is NordVPN and for a “freemium” choice, use one like “Atlas VPN.”

  • Find a VPN you like and download it.
  • Sign in to it and find a server for the country you want.

Source – vpnmentor

  • Open Steam and look for an item in the store.
  • Find a game to add to the cart; you don’t need to buy anything unless you want to after the guide.

Source – vpnmentor

  • If the VPN is turned on in the selected country and Steam is open, it should ask for a preferred country.

Source – vpnmentor

  • The price of the game will change depending on what you have chosen.

Source – vpnmentor

  • You will need to set up a card or payment method for another country.

You can then choose to finalize the payment if you want to buy the game.

Why would I need a VPN

VPNs are still new to many people and can confuse what their point is. However, people should know that cybersecurity is essential now more than ever and is more open and approachable to people; VPNs can offer a few benefits.

  • Access to content restricted by region locking One of the most appealing things about VPNs is the option to view media and deals from countries that you otherwise would never be able to see.
  • DDoS protection – VPNs can help deal with or prevent DDoS attacks; these occur more often in gaming but are still rare; however, a VPN can hide your IP, keeping you safe.
  • Maintain security – Another big pull to VPNs is the ability to encrypt your browsing data, preventing people from tracking what you are doing.


You may want to use a VPN to change your Steam region if you’re unhappy with the regional restrictions, you want to take advantage of regional price differences, or you have moved to another country. Using a VPN allows you to pick a location and let Steam ask you for a preferred region, and you can buy things as long as you have the correct payment method.

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