How to add friends on Steam from different regions

One aspect of Steam that users enjoy, and makes Steam stand out from other gaming platforms, is that it allows you to connect with friends and fellow gamers from around the World. That feature will enable you to create an online community with people who have similar interests. However, some users have experienced issues while trying to add friends on Steam from different regions.

There is no specific limit on adding friends from different regions on Steam. However, if you have a limited account, you cannot add over a certain number of friends, regardless of their region. That may be the case if you cannot add a friend from a different country. To solve this problem and add as many friends as you want, you must spend at least $5.00 in the Steam store. Doing so will unlock all the features of Steam.

I will discuss the following topics in this blog post:

Can you add friends from different regions?

Yes, you can add friends from any region in the World on Steam. However, some users have been unable to add friends from different countries and assumed the location difference was the cause. However, that is not the case.

If you cannot add friends, whether from your locale or further afield, the reason is due to having a limited Steam account. Fortunately, there is a straightforward way you can remove these restrictions from your Steam account. The following section will explain how.

What is a limited account?

Limited accounts cannot access Steam’s community and social features that may be used for spamming, phishing, and other forms of online abuse. Making accounts limited is Steam’s way of trying to reduce the cases of spamming etc. One social feature that is unavailable for limited accounts is the ability to add friends. If you cannot add friends, this is likely to be the cause.

One thing that malicious accounts have in common is that they tend not to buy¬†games, items, or wallet credits. To make it difficult for scammers, Steam limits what you can do until you have spent a minimum of $5.00. That means if Steam doesn’t allow you to add any more friends, you will have to spend $5.00 in the Steam store.

How to add friends on Steam

There are two ways you can easily add friends on Steam:

  1. Using a quick invite link
  2. Using their username

Using a quick invite link

  1. Click on your name and select ‘Friends.’

Click on your name from the panel at the top of the page. Then select ‘Friends from the drop-down options.

2. Click on ‘Add a Friend.’

Click on the green button on the right-hand side that says ‘Add a Friend.’

3. Click on ‘Copy’ and send it to your friend.

Send this link to your friend so they can enter the link into Steam, where they can add you as a friend.

Using their username

  1. Click on your name and select ‘Friends.’

Click on your name from the panel at the top of the page. Then select ‘Friends from the drop-down options.

2. Search your friend’s name.

Enter your friend’s name in the search box. When your friend shows up in the results, you can click the ‘Add friend’ button next to their profile.


The location or region of your friend doesn’t affect your ability to add them as a friend. However, if you find that Steam is not allowing you to send a friend request to someone, the most likely reason is that you have a limited account. That is Steam’s way of reducing the number of malicious users who use Steam’s social features, such as adding multiple friends to send them a scam.

To stop your account from being limited, you must spend a minimum of $5.00 in the Steam store. You will then be able to add friends from anywhere across the World. That will show Steam that your account is not a threat, as most malicious users don’t purchase games, items, or wallet credit.

Thank you for reading this blog post. If you have any further questions about friends on Steam, feel free to leave a comment, and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

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