How to access and use the Steam workshop on mobile

While Steam is a gaming platform designed to sell users the best gaming experiences on PC, it doesn’t only specialize in selling games. Steam offers several other features to improve your gaming experience, such as community discussions and the Steam workshop, which allows game modifications.

The Steam workshop is a treasure trove of activity for Steam and allows you to mod Steam games. You do this by going to Steam and clicking “Community” and “Workshop.” Then, you can search the published content for any mod you like.

Method – How to access the Steam workshop on mobile

  • Open the Steam app on your device.
  • Sign in with your Steam account.
  • Visit the Steam library.
  • Find a game that has workshop capabilities.
  • Click “links” and press the “View the forums” option.
  • Press “General Discussions” and choose “Workshops and add-ons.”
  • Click “workshop.”
  • Search for a game to add and find add-ons in the workshop.

Content list

What is the Steam workshop

The Steam workshop is a repository for user-submitted additional content for Steam games. It functions as a way to allow Steam users to modify games in their library. Not all Steam games can be changed this way, and you can view the list of games by finding the workshop menu on Steam.

Any user can submit new content by joining the Steam workshop community group, which allows you to submit files and collections. The Steam workshop functions as a hub for user-created and submitted content, tools for publishing created content and organizing downloaded content you subscribe to.

Not all games utilize the workshop in the same way. Some games allow you to subscribe to user content and add to your game. Other games, like Teams Fortress 2, enable users to submit their creations to Valve, hoping they could be incorporated into the game. In that example, users create items like hats, weapons, etc. Other games such as Skyrim and Fallout use the workshop to allow mods to be integrated directly onto Steam.

Positives of the Steam workshop

The Steam workshop feature is host to numerous additions to your favorite games. Similarly, there are multiple positives you can gain from it by searching the workshop page. If you have used Steam to play games before and felt like it wasn’t enough, you may have thought about modding. The issue with modding games is there are several mod sites for different games, and the biggest problem for inexperienced modders is how difficult it can be to mod without a guide.

The Steam workshop allows you to install add-ons with a straightforward button press, and then you check your subscriptions to view the add-ons you have subscribed to. You don’t need to use a lengthy guide, as Steam will act like they are part of the game you want to play and will take effect as soon as you load the game.

The other main advantage of the Steam workshop is the ease of use of the Steam app. Using the desktop app, press the “community” button and instantly travel to the Steam workshop; then, you can search through the extensive catalog of game workshops that Steam supports. Not all games are backed with a workshop function, meaning you must find which games can be modified.

Negatives of the Steam workshop

While the Steam workshop is a fantastic feature for most gamers, there are a few downsides that impact the experience. For example, the feature allows Steam users to upload content for others to experience, but the main issue is that most Steam games cannot be modified. Steam doesn’t support workshop content for every game, so the only way to view workshop content is to view the workshop homepage and search for your games (there isn’t a list of games modifiable) using the search bar. Otherwise, use the Steam library and view each game to see if there is an option for the workshop.

The other main disadvantage to the Steam workshop is not limited to the workshop function but involves using the Steam mobile app. The biggest issue with the Steam mobile app is its difficulty to use and manage: the Steam app is notoriously disliked, and most users would instead use the desktop app to use these features as they are easier to access. The Steam app tries to cram everything onto your screen, making many features challenging to view.

How to access and use the Steam workshop on mobile

While it would be preferable to use the Steam desktop app to view the workshop as it is more accessible and straightforward, I will discuss how to use the Steam mobile app to find content. First, ensure you have the Steam mobile app installed, which can be found on your device’s app store.

How to view the workshop for specific games on Steam mobile

First, ensure you have signed in with your Steam account details. You would typically look for the Steam workshop on the community section of Steam: but the Steam mobile app doesn’t list the workshop in an easy-to-find location. I will show you where to look as you must know which games have workshop content before you use this.

Clicking “Community” doesn’t show the workshop option. Instead, you must click library and find a game with Steam workshop content.

In this example, I will use Garry’s Mod as it is a prime source of Steam workshop content. Click the “links” button, then choose “View the forums.”

Clicking the forum option shows user discussions. Press “Discussions” at the top, then click “Workshop.”

After choosing the “Workshop” option, scroll down and find content to subscribe to. After finding something, press it and click “Subscribe.”

After pressing subscribe, you can click a button underneath to view all Steam subscriptions to enable the ones of your choosing.


The Steam workshop is a storefront of talent that allows users to create and upload content for specific games on the platform. By pressing a single button, you can add content to your favorite games for free: Steam users can access this by clicking “Community,” then “Workshop.” However, Steam mobile users have to go through the process in this guide.

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