Can you reset Steam achievements?

Achievements are unlockables that most games on Steam and other gaming platforms have. Users can earn most achievements while playing games, but some achievements take more time and effort to unlock. Some gamers might want to find a way to reset their achievements to play through games again.

Steam doesn’t have a way to reset your achievements, and if users want to start earning achievements for a game they haven’t played for a while, they will need to download a software called “Steam Achievement Manager” that can change details.

Method – How to install and use Steam Achievement Manager

  • Download Steam Achievement Manager using this link
  • Find the file in the file browser and right-click it to extract it
  • Go to the uncompressed file and run “SAM Player.”
  • Find the game you want to reset the achievements on
  • Look for the game ID by searching on the Steam store on the web browser
  • Enter the game ID and add the game
  • Click on the game and choose to reset achievements or unlock achievements

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Can you reset Steam achievements

Only a few games on Steam have the option to reset achievements. For example, Team Fortress 2 can reset achievements; however, these are in-game achievements. Steam doesn’t have a way to reset Steam achievements, and that feature probably won’t come out.

The only way to reset your Steam achievements is by using “Steam Achievement Manager,” software that allows you to find games in your library and unlock or reset achievements for them. This software isn’t official or supported by Valve, and they do not care if you use it.

The only way to be banned from using this is to make it unlock all or many achievements simultaneously because people can track when you unlock them. It would be best to ensure you don’t have any Steam games open while you use it because it can cause Valve to issue a VAC ban.

Why would you want to reset achievements

While Steam games have achievements like Xbox or Playstation, there is no scoring or trophies on Steam, so some people would care less about getting them. This doesn’t stop some users as earning achievements is still satisfying enough to care.

The issue that can arise with some people is that some users may want to go back to older games and play through them again, but they will likely have earned a few if they have played them before. Steam doesn’t have an option to reset achievements, so there is no way to earn them again on the same account, which can be offputting for some people. As Steam cannot reset the achievements, some users would resort to using extra software like Steam Achievement Manager, which I will cover how to use in this article.

Why do people want to earn achievements

Most gaming platforms, except for Nintendo, have achievements, including Xbox, Playstation, and PC; these are typically implemented to pad your playtime or encourage you to play differently and find hidden secrets. For most players, achievements on Steam, etc., will be an afterthought, or they will only pay attention to them marginally. However, some players take achievements more seriously and will hunt them in every game they own or buy new ones to feel accomplished.

Not everyone is as obsessed with this; some want to aim for them but do it at their own pace. People who want to go back to their favorite games that they haven’t played for a long time may want to reset their achievements to clear so they can re-earn them while playing again.

How to use Steam Achievement Manager

You can use software to alter your Steam achievements that you can download on your PC. I will talk about Steam Achievement Manager in this article, a free-to-download management tool for Steam. The achievement manager allows you to view your achievements and achievements for games to unlock. It is safe to use if you don’t use it while running a VAC-checked game or any game, so it means you won’t be banned.

Steam Achievement Manager allows you to unlock and reset your Steam achievements for different games. The way it works is similar to the effects of Offline Mode, which alters the time you get achievements by stopping achievements earned while offline until you go back online and it syncs. It works because it acts as if you are offline, and what you change will sync on your account, and it is entirely legal to use. The only way to be banned is if you use it on a VAC game, as it triggers Valve anti cheat. Removing achievements can’t be done usually, but some demos do things that have the same effect, such as The Stanley Parable, where you can unlock achievements but are removed after completion.

How to install Steam Achievement Manager

Downloading Steam Achievement Manager is straightforward and can be done by going to this link. After downloading, go to your files, find the compressed file, right-click it, and press “Extract files.” This will uncompress the file and allow you to access the contents.

Download Steam Achievement Manager

This will show a regular unzipped version of the file that you can click to open labeled as a “File folder.” To load the application, click “SAM Picker,” this will open a new window that will load some games that can earn achievements on Steam.

The games shown may change, but if you want to add games to it, you need to enter the Steam game ID and search. You can find the Steam game ID by doing a few different methods, but I will show you how to find the ID by going to on the web browser and searching for a game you own in the store. In this example, I will use Steam Achievement Manager to search for Brawlhalla, so to find the ID go to the page on the Steam website.

Brawlhalla Steam ID

Enter the ID into the “Add Game” box.

This will add the game to the list of choices.

Click on the game to show a list of achievements you can unlock.

To unlock specific achievements, find the one you want and click “Commit Changes.”

To reset your achievements, click “Reset” at the top, and it will ask if you want to delete your statistics and if you want to reset your achievements too. Click “Yes” if you are sure.

This process will allow you to unlock or reset achievements for your favorite games. You must close your games so Steam cannot mistake SAM for cheat software.


In summary, Steam, or other gaming platforms, doesn’t have any way to reset your achievements. The only way to reset your achievement progress is to use a software called “Steam Achievement Manager.” SAM is a free-to-download software that is entirely legal and functions by allowing you to view games or search for the game you own to view the achievement list. It works by stimulating the requirements games need for achievements achievement.

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